Safety first…always

Health and Safety is key at Ainscough. As a group we engage in every project considerately, ethically and safely to ensure employees, supply chain partners and members of the public are protected from harm.

To ensure compliance and best practice we release regular H&S communications via informative bulletins, videos, updates and training sessions. Our dedicated QHSE team also regularly evaluates, tests, inspects and audits the entire business, while providing ongoing support that allows all colleagues to carry out tasks safely at all times.

Make the safe choice


Make the Safe Choice

Make the Safe Choice is our commitment to the safety of our people, our customers and members of the public.

It is our guiding principle which defines how we deliver safely.

While safety has always been the focus of the company’s operations, Make the Safe Choice builds on and develops further the safety culture we have established over the years.

Make the Safe Choice is about us all following a safe system of work, understanding potential dangers, identifying them and responding appropriately. In practice it means that if we are ever in doubt, we stop and make the safe choice about what we are doing.

It recognises that we all share a collective responsibility for the safety of everybody engaged in our operations.

We want to build a culture of safe practice that engages all of our team and is valued by our customers.

Near miss reporting is key to us achieving these objectives. We actively encourage staff to report near misses – in confidence if necessary – via a number of methods.

More than anything we want everybody to be Safe, work Safe and get home Safe.

We seek to minimise adverse impacts through good management, aiming for continuous
improvement in our environmental performance and delivering on our duty of care towards future
generations. Initiatives we have rolled out include:

• Delivery of cranes from the closest depot possible to minimise carbon emissions through transportation
• Use of telematics to plan the most efficient routes to and from sites and depots
• We replace our fleet regularly so that our cranes are the youngest in the industry – newer engines produce lower emissions
• Our support fleet is operated at maximum life cycle to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce emissions and redeployment of fleet

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