QHSE at Ainscough

QHSE at Group Ainscough including James Jack and Ainscough Wind Energy Services is
part of our DNA, we understand we work in a high risk environment and it is important
all of our team members work in an environment with zero harm.

Integrated Management System Policy Statement
We at Ainscough Group are committed to:

  • Continually improve our Company’s performance with regards to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE).
  • Comply with all statutory legislation and other requirements to which Ainscough subscribes.

  • Set business objectives, targets and other corporate goals as defined by the Executive Board. Progress will be monitored on a regular basis.

  • Appropriate resources shall be made available to complete business objectives and targets.

  • Effective communication, utilising inductions, Company intranet and noticeboards of these policy requirements to all persons working for and on behalf of Ainscough.

  • Upon request making this policy available to the general public or any other interested parties.

  • The prevention of pollution to the environment through strict adherence to legislative requirements and codes of practise.

We shall provide:

  • Safe workplaces and environments. Safe systems of work and well maintained plant where reasonably practicable to do so. Information, instruction, training and supervision to enable work to be carried out safely.

  • Raise awareness throughout the business and take all practicable steps to prevent ill health, loss, damage, environmental impact or personal injury.

  • Where reasonably practicable, ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, neighbours and other persons who may be affected by our activities.

The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for the company products and services. All personnel, throughout the company shall bear equal responsibility for the quality of all tasks for which they are accountable and act in accordance with the requirements of the Integrated Management System.

This Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure effectiveness and suitability; Issued 21st July 2016

Next review date; 31st July 2017

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