Ainscough pass the test at school lift

The Ainscough Sheffield depot have helped to create new classrooms after transporting Portakabin TITAN cabins to two separate schools. The lifts involved many hours of preparation and logistics planning, with Leeds and Sheffield depot manager Damian Napper recalling why it provided the whole depot with a good challenge.

“Access to the sites and the overall movement issues were the biggest obstacle. After several visits we decided on a 60ft extendable rear steer trailer along with an escort vehicle and wander lead operator to move the cabins. We then trialled and established the best routes to and from the sites and agreed these with the local authorities.

“On the day the first unit was lifted with ease onto the 60ft trailer using a Liebherr LTM1130-5.1. The team then expertly manoeuvred the unit out of site with millimetre precision. This was no easy task, the trailer was being steered from the rear by Brian Reid and the wagon was driven by John Hazel and escorted by Dennis Lockwood. These three individuals showed true skill and my full admiration goes out to them.

“After five miles of traffic control by the Ainscough team we managed to get to site without any issues. The entrance was again very tight and the guys worked hard to steer the unit before lifting it into position with ease using the Manchester depot’s Liebherr LTM1090-4.1.

“The team then returned and loaded the second unit onto the trailer. On arrival to the second school is was clear that we would have to quickly close off three roads for a short period of time to turn the trailer around and reverse into position. The team really mucked in and helped direct the traffic to ensure we didn’t cause any disruption for the local residents.

“Onsite the crane was positioned before the team reversed the Portakabin in. The unit even started to slip on the access track, but we managed to get it safety into the correct position. The whole team stayed composed and focused throughout the day, ensuring our customer JP Developers Limited was delighted with the final outcome.

“I would like to thank every person involved, as this really was one of the hardest jobs I have worked on and had to plan; however it was very rewarding and I know everyone really enjoyed and thrived off the challenges we were faced with.”

Ainscough pass the test at school lift | Ainscough Group